Laser Marking Series

Metal Materials

There is hardly any metal that cannot be laser marked or laser engraved. Laser metal marking is the use of laser beams to make permanent marks on metal surfaces.

Plastic Materials

The results of laser marking on plastic products depend largely on the type of plastic, whether it contains additives such as dyes, and the type of laser used. Using lasers to mark plastic products is becoming more and more common in industrial applications.

Glass Materials

When the laser marks the glass surface, it irradiates the glass surface through a large amount of energy density. It belongs to non-contact processing, which will not cause friction to the glass, and the probability of fragmentation is very small.

Wood Materials

The laser converts the high-energy-density laser beam into heat energy, which instantly causes wood thermal decomposition and carbonization, thereby removing part of the material, and processing exquisite patterns, patterns and characters on the surface of wood products.

Ceramic Materials

Ceramics have very broad application prospects, and have a series of advantages such as high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and erosion resistance. Laser marking is very suitable for marking such products.

Rubber Materials

Laser marking machine can be used for surface marking and deep marking of rubber and silicone products. The laser marking effect is accurate and clear, and the marking is not easy to wear and fade.

Leather Materials

By vaporizing the dye on the surface of the leather, the laser marking machine can produce non-fading image patterns, gradient flower shapes, punching and hollowing out effects on various leathers.

Laser Welding Series

Metal Materials

Metal materials include iron, chromium, manganese, titanium, nickel, zinc, copper, silver, aluminum, gold, etc. Laser welding can weld between the same metal materials, and can also perform laser welding between various dissimilar metals.

Jewelry Materials

Laser welding is a modern and widely used jewelry fabrication process. Laser welding machine is used for a variety of jewelry materials, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

Laser Cleaning Series

Metal Materials

metal, stripping or removing coating, pre-treatment before parts coating, cleaning of aviation parts, restoration and preservation of historical relics.

Non-metal Materials

Timber, painted walls, bricks, paving stones, fire laser repair.