Jewelry Laser Marking

Laser marking technology is a popular and effective method of marking rings, watches, and necklaces. It can create text and graphics on the surface of your jewelry to add a personal touch and enhance the impact of your jewelry brand. Additionally, laser marking is a safe, eco-friendly process that does not require any harsh chemicals or abrasive techniques. This makes it a great option for jewelry designed for sensitive skin.

Laser marking machine

Laser engraving machine

Jewelry Laser Cutting

Laser machine can be used to cut and shape gold and silver jewellery. which is a cost-effective way to create fine and intricate jewellery designs. Laser cutting can be used to cut pieces of jewellery into intricate shapes, create textured surfaces, and engrave fine details. It is also used to cut out gemstones and other materials, such as enamel and metal foil.

50W laser engraving machine

100W laser engraving machine

Jewelry Laser Welding

The application range of laser welding machine is gradually expanding in the jewelry industry. It’s widely used in precision processing of tiny parts and creating exquisite jewelry outlines, especially for gold and silver jewelry fill holes, spot welding, seam pattern, and welding of mosaic parts.

Jewelry laser welding machine

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Laser marking

Laser cutting

Laser welding