March 3, 2023

How to laser coding PVC PE cable wire?

Cables are important basic materials for national construction. The main components are inner core wire, shielding layer, insulation layer, outer sheath, filling element and tensile element. Mainly used to connect equipment, control devices and transmit power. The scope of application involves communication construction, photovoltaic power generation, aviation exploration, new energy vehicles, security systems, smart homes and many other fields.

The cable manufacturing process is complex, involving multiple processing steps such as drawing, twisting, and coating, and laser marking is an important part of it. In order to ensure correct connection, installation and safe operation of wires and cables. The Chinese national standard GB 6995.1-1986 clearly stipulates the identification requirements for wires and cables: the manufacturer, product trademarks, models, specifications, and performances need to be marked with words, letters, symbols, colors, etc.

In order to produce high-quality and standard-compliant cables, the manufacturer selects materials and machine based on the “permanent” marking effect to ensure that the information on the cable marking is clear, complete and not easy to wear, and can be used in various application environments such as humidity and high temperature. Traditional inkjet printers have obvious disadvantages in processing. The sprayed ink does not have strong adhesion on the surface of the material, and the marking information is easy to wear; different colors wires need to use different colors ink to highlight the content, and long-term use will result in high consumable costs. The use of laser marking machines can not only ensure the performance of the cable and the aesthetics of the surface, but also conform to the national development concept of green and environmental protection.

In order to help cable manufacturers seize development opportunities and achieve stable growth in performance, Mactron launched a UV laser printing system, which is equipped with cable clamps and is specially used for cable automatic production. Mactron UV laser printing system adopts 355nm high-quality laser source. There is no thermal effect in the processing process, and the material will not be deformed or burned. It is suitable for marking thermoplastic materials such as PVC, PE, rubber, etc., and meets the requirements of fine, permanent and not easy to wear marks on the cable. This UV laser printing system occupies a small space, can be flexibly connected to the production line, easily completes the marking tasks of various types of cables, meets the needs of ultra-long marking and segmented marking on the cable surface, and effectively solves the problem of marking the position is easy to deviate and the efficiency is not high.

uv laser printing machine

uv laser printing machine
Laser marking machines can not only mark flexible cables, but also play their advantages on hard pipes, such as aluminum profiles and other metal pipes, which can be marked with fiber laser marking machines. As a manufacturer of electrical equipment, Mactron selects high-quality cables and strictly implements the wiring standards in the manufacturing process to ensure that the whole machine meets the circuit diagram and assembly wiring requirements, which greatly improves the performance and safety of the machine.

With the rapid development of industrialization, various intelligent, automated and technological industries are gradually emerging, and cables play an indispensable role in infrastructure construction and smart city construction. The quality of cables is related to safety. Laser marking can effectively manage the production and use process of cables, promote manufacturers to optimize production processes, and gradually build more intelligent cable manufacturing workshops to promote development into the fast lane.

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