February 27, 2023

How to engrave a gun with laser machine ?

Guns are regulated around the world as dangerous professional-grade weapons. In order to better control and track guns and ensure social stability, guns mainly use laser engraving to mark serial numbers and text labels, such as marking serial numbers and traceable two-dimensional code on the surface of guns and magazines. Compared with traditional engraving, laser engraving has the advantages of high speed, smooth and beautiful effect. Mactron laser marking system is equipped with high-quality laser, high-speed scanning galvanometer and special laser marking system, which can be connected to the gun production line and integrate the process of laser engraving into the entire production process, which greatly improves the processing efficiency.

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In addition, some groups that legally own guns can also customize patterns and text according to their own preferences. The laser marking machine is easy to operate, the operator can import the pattern and text into the marking software, and through focusing and testing, the engraving can be completed quickly. Mactron laser marking machines are compatible with files made by various software such as Autocad, Coreldraw, AI, etc. and can realize the automatic arrangement of text symbols, barcodes, two-dimensional codes, and serial numbers. It is a very powerful processing equipment.


3w laser engraving handgun


There are various materials of guns on the market. At present, laser marking machines can meet the needs of diversified engraving of guns. Laser marking machines can be equipped with various lasers such as optical fiber, ultraviolet and CO2, etc., it can complete marking on metal, plastic and oxide layers, etc. Now, watch this video to see the amazing changes on the gun with laser engraving.


How to choose the suitable gun laser engraving machine, we suggest considering the material and shape of the gun. You can also contact us and we will do our best to answer your questions.

First, according to the material of the gun:
The pistol in the video is made of plastic. We used a Mactron 3W UV laser marking machine to engrave graphics on the surface of the gun body, magazines, and silencer. The marking effect is clear and beautiful. Ultraviolet laser is a cold light source, with a small processing heat-affected zone, and the material will not be deformed. It is suitable for marking highly sensitive materials. It is currently the best laser marking machine. But if your gun is made of metal, we recommend fiber laser marking machine.

Second, according to the shape of the gun:
In general, for guns with a flat surface, you can choose an ordinary 2D laser marking machine; if you need to completely mark the pattern on a special-shaped surface, 3D laser marking machine will work better. The 3D laser marking machine is equipped with an advanced 3D scanning galvanometer head and control system, and adopts multi-axis dynamic focusing technology to track the focus of deep curves in real time, it can realize various processing requirements such as curved surface marking, deep engraving, and large-format marking.

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